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YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO New Zealand Poker Sites

As a New Zealand citizen who loves playing internet poker, you might be wondering a number of things. For example, which poker sites can you use? Of course, there are always going to be questions regarding the legal status of any particular online gambling site as well as some of the best and top websites located all over the world. You also might need a little bit of advice on how to find a great online poker room and actually get started playing.

There are no major internet poker rooms located or physically domiciled within the country of New Zealand. The reason for this is due to the way internet gambling sites are regulated under national law. However, you will not have any trouble playing at just about any other poker room that is located outside of the country. After finishing this guide to New Zealand online poker sites, you will understand:

  • The easiest ways to find and get started playing on a legal poker site
  • How to go about actually making money at any of the best poker sites
  • Specific laws for New Zealanders that will affect your ability to play in poker rooms




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How Easy Is It To Play Poker

There are a number of top websites aimed at attracting Kiwi players. From an international standpoint, this is a very large online market that is no longer being over looked. You will find that many internet poker rooms do welcome your business and will even offer some attractive bonuses and promotions to woo you onto their websites.

Of course, you would be well advised to stick with only those poker sites that have been in business for a while, with a stable history. These top websites are also the ones that have the best type of regulation and player safeguards. Plus, they usually have the top software and privacy protection in 2023.

As far as ease of play, there is no need to be technically educated. Every popular online poker room will give you very direct instructions should they require any type of software download onto your computer. Actually, most of these websites no longer require this at all. Even still, a download will be fast and automatically installs, so you just need to sit back and relax.

Once you have gotten set up with one of these poker rooms, you just need to click on the desired game and then either choose a table, or wait for one to open up. Online poker sites with lots of traffic generally establish new tables (virtually, of course) very quickly, no matter what time of the day or night it may be. Just remember that there are usually options other than Texas Hold’em, so find something you like playing and have some knowledge regarding the game.

Most of the best websites will also have some online tutorials. It is in the best interest of a site to have skilled users, since this makes for more competitive games. The poker room will make their money through the collection of fees for tournaments and also the 'rake,' which is a small commission paid by the winner of each pot. Take advantage of whatever free training they offer; it can only stand to help improve your game.

Your Getting Started Guide To Online Poker

The first step in getting started playing at any site is to find the one you like the best. There are quite a number of options open to New Zealand players, since you will be welcomed more or less worldwide. Consider looking at those features which are most important to you in a poker room. For example, think about:

This is just a basic list; you might have other things more important to you. The point is that you want to think critically when choosing your online poker sites. The mix of games is very important, especially if you are looking to specialize in something other than Texas Hold’em or Omaha. The amount of traffic gives a good general idea if the poker room continues to attract new players, who might be a bit less experienced and easier to beat (these are the 'fish' you are after). If you have a preference for playing tournaments or real cash games, this will also affect your decision. The type of license held by the online poker site and which jurisdiction it falls under should be a consideration. Obviously, the special deals, bonuses, and promotions are nice to have.

Banking options are also something to think about. While most poker rooms will allow players to make deposits and take withdrawals with your credit and debit cards, always check to see if there are more convenient options. Plus, you might not want your credit company knowing your business. Perhaps an e-wallet system like Skrill or Neteller or even PayPal might be better? Always know your options when going into any particular New Zealand online poker site.

Finding the best poker sites in New Zealand is a matter of looking at popular operators and making sure they offer the games you’re most interested in. Check out each operator’s offerings and choose the ones that offer the most, or fit your needs the best. Get to know a gambling community before deciding to remain there for good or not.

Do You Need Currency Exchanges?

This may sound like a silly question, but just because most online poker sites will accept your New Zealand dollars this doesn't mean you can forget about exchanging currency. You see, most of the top online poker sites actually started out under the assumption that US players were going to make up the bulk of their traffic. For a while they were right, before the laws started changing regarding online poker rooms and online gambling.

Even with things calming down a bit, most of the best websites have decided to leave their main currency as the US dollar as of 2023. Therefore, after making a deposit, or before taking a pay-out you will probably need to have your New Zealand dollars converted into US dollars. Strange, but it's still something to think about. You might even make an extra bit of real money (NZ) on the exchange, should the rate match up in just the right way.


Once all of this has been worked out, it is time to make your initial deposit and get started. Depending on your chosen websites, you might need to download poker client software onto your computer. This should be a very quick download and it will install automatically. Then, you simply need to click on the little icon left on your desktop anytime you want to get started playing your favorite online poker site games. Very simple and easy.

New Zealand Online Poker Customer Service

Spend a few minutes during your research time looking into the type of customer service you are likely to receive from an online poker room. Most of these websites do a decent job and there is a fair chance you will never even need to contact a support representative. However, it is still always a good idea to know all of your options ahead of time. In many cases the poker sites will have frequently asked questions right on their webpages. Also, you may be able to find a page listing out all of the various rules of the games offered. This is helpful, especially if you are thinking about learning or specializing in one of the lesser known poker room games.

You should also be offered several additional support options from these poker rooms. This includes email, phone support, and live chat. Of course, email is generally going to be the slowest, requiring at least a few hours for a response at even the best poker online sites. Phone support is a nice choice, although you may need to stay on hold a few minutes. Clearly, an online chat is the fastest option.

General New Zealand Online Gambling Laws

New Zealand online gambling laws are fairly unique. The bottom line is that online poker sites are clearly not regarded in the same manner as brick and mortar poker rooms and establishments. There are no legal poker rooms or websites currently being run by New Zealand concerns. Having said that, you might think the legal situation is particularly bleak for the average player.

Online poker is not illegal in New Zealand. It is simply a case of the government not yet granting any licenses to a regulated and legitimate casino to build such a poker room on the internet. At the same time, the government does nothing to prevent you from using foreign online poker sites. In fact, New Zealand players typically receive a very warm welcome from just about every international site. If you want to play poker as a Kiwi, your future is looking bright indeed!

How Online Poker Rooms Generate Revenue

Obviously, the best poker rooms need to have several different methods of generating revenue. The first of these is called the rake. In most cases, when there is a real cash game being played, the rake is something players will need to deal with. This is a commission or cut of each pot that the house or poker room will take. It is usually a small percentage of the pot, based on a sliding scale according to the amount of money in the final pot. There might even be a cap, or maximum amount of rake the house will take on each pot, although this will be determined by the specific poker room.

Tournament games have a different method of providing revenue for the online poker site. Most tournaments will not have any kind of rake; instead, you will pay an additional amount added on to your tournament entry fee. This is why these entry fees usually show two numbers, like $100 + $5. That $5 in the above example is your fee that goes to the house. You will not have any dealer tips or other expenses deducted from the prize pool.

Side games may also represent an additional source of revenue for even the best sites. This can include traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. The poker websites might decide to stick to side bets on poker hands, where the player goes up against the house for real money. Of course, these side wagers are carefully calculated and the house always has the edge.

An often overlooked revenue source for even the top poker rooms is generated by investing the deposits of players. Having said that, it should also be noted that most businesses will have to abide by very strict rules and requirements as to how much risk and what types of investments they may make with real money held as player deposits. Since the poker sites have no obligation to pay any interest to players, even a little bit of extra revenue earned in this fashion can be a significant contribution to their bottom line.

Now that you’ve read our hints and tips on online poker, why not pick out your favorite US poker online site and put them into practice.



Is it safe playing for real money online at a casino?

It’s safe to play online using real money as long as you play at a reputable online casino. Some casinos have excellent protection in place and offer fair playing conditions and others don’t. Use recommendations to find the quality sites.


How can I begin playing online poker for money?

You can start playing online poker for money by signing up to an online casino site. After you sign up you simply make a deposit into your account, download an application if required and then begin playing. Getting started is easier than it seems.


Are Mac poker sites exclusive or can I play with friends on other platforms as well?

While playing on a Mac device you’ll be able to play with friends on Windows devices and even on smartphones and tablets when using many popular websites. They try to include as many different types of devices as possible to let more players take part.


Do poker games work on smartphones or do I need a larger device?

Smartphones are fine for many online poker games, but only the ones optimised for smartphones. Carefully choose the online site to make sure it supports mobile gameplay first, if that’s how you want to participate.


Is it legal playing online at a casino for real money in New Zealand?

There are strict rules and regulations about what online casino games and prize amounts can be offered to New Zealand players. Gambling online is perfectly legal for New Zealand players though, as long as they are playing at approved websites.


How can I get started playing at a casino online without having to download software to my computer?

It’s easy to start playing without ever downloading casino software. Simply join a casino with “instant play” offered and you can play from your account in your web browser. You won’t have to download software and can play from any computer with a modern web browser.