All About iPhone Poker Online

No one can deny the popularity of the iPhone today. In fact, these mobile devices seem to be everywhere. Yes, the great news is that you can easily learn how to transform this smart phone into a virtual online poker machine. It can connect you to many of the best online poker sites all over the internet. For the most part, these websites make it very easy to use your iPhone for playing real money online poker.

Before you start thinking about making a run for the first of the many iOS online poker apps available, take a second to learn about what's involved in playing mobile poker from your iPhone. There are some concerns you might want to think about ahead of time. Also, it can help you to understand all about:

This is exactly what you will learn from this online guide to iPhone mobile poker.



Finding An iPhone Poker Site App

There was a time not long ago when the only way you could play at your favorite online poker sites was via an instant play version on your browser. However, technology has advanced rapidly over the past few years and now it is very possible to find a number of excellent online poker rooms' apps listed right in the Apple app store. This is a huge change from the days when Apple deemed all types of online gambling to be inappropriate.

You can literally load up the store and search for a dedicated app from your favorite online poker rooms. Many will indeed offer an app in this fashion. All you really need to do at this point is make sure your iPhone has enough memory space to handle the download. This will make it a very simple and almost an instant process of getting started on your mobile poker journey.

Bear in mind, however, that not every online poker site is going to have a dedicated app listed through this store. If this is the case, there are several additional options to you as someone looking to play poker online.

Playing Online Poker – iPhone Without an App

Without the option of playing at online poker rooms using a dedicated or native app, you will still likely be able to use the web browser on your iPhone. Poker sites that offer instant play games would now be your focus, using the Safari browser that is already on your iPhone. The main drawback to playing this way is that it doesn't take full advantage of the technological power of the iOS smartphone you hold in your hands.

While you won't be required to handle a download, you may also find a number of limitations. This is due to the fact that Safari as an internet browser leaves a bit to be desired. Without full Flash support, the graphics can be a bit limited. Even still, it is a way to play poker online for real money. And, it’s a method that will probably be open to all of the websites you come across, not only the best and top rated ones.

iPhone Poker Online For PC Users

There is a very cool way to link your iPhone to either your PC or Mac. This happens over a connection from Wifi, 3G, 4G, or EDGE. To get started playing at your favorite online poker sites, iPhone users will first need to grab an app called iTap. You can think of this as a way to remote control your computer, enabling you to more easily play at almost any of your best poker rooms.

The iTap application is also very easy to set up. It's a clever little tool that really gives you a lot of options for playing online poker. You will no longer be tied down to only those first couple of poker sites offering their own native apps.

The steps for playing poker using your iPhone and iTap is very easy. Begin by downloading the direct software from the site you are interested in using. Then, grab the iTap Touchpad VNC Receiver (at, unzip it (if needed) and begin the installation process. When finished installing, the iTap receiver should appear in your start menu (or as another desktop icon), then click to open the program. Now, start the iTap mobile app on your iPhone and select your device when it appears on the list of your PC's iTap receiver software and click the 'Pair' option.

Get started playing at your favorite online poker sites. iPhone users rejoice!

iPhone Poker For Mac Users

Mac users may even find it easier to connect their iPhones to their computer using the iTap application. This is basically the same process as listed above. First, you will need to download and install software from your preferred site. You may have already done this. In either case, the next part of this process is to download the iTap Touchpad VNC Receiver directly from its website. Then, copy the .dmg file to your applications folder.

Continue this process by installing and connecting everything together. Double click on the .dmg file to begin the installation process; follow any instructions which may be given. Once finished, the software should be running on your Mac. Now go to your iPhone and start up the iTap mobile app. Look at your Mac again and then select your device when it appears on the list of the iTap receiver software, clicking the 'Pair' button to link your iPhone with your Mac. You are now ready to start play at virtually any online poker room.

If you are running OSX 10.9 (Mavericks) there is one additional step to get ready for online mobile poker play. Go to the systems preferences and select universal access. Choose the options button from the zoom section and check the option for 'Use scroll wheel with modifier keys to zoom' located at the bottom of the page.

What To Expect From iPhone Poker

Your Apple iPhone, particularly the latest versions, is a technological marvel. Within your hands, you hold more power than the first computers (which took up huge rooms in terms of space and size). Having the touch screen makes your online poker playing experience much easier; you can even make changes and adjustments to how you view the games and choose your options quickly without the need for much navigation.

Processor speeds in 2023 make playing at almost any of these sites a very quick and reliable event. Believe us, the last thing you want when playing at real cash online poker sites is to have the site continually crashing or hanging up; none of this should happen since your iPhone operates on a 1.4 GHz 64-bit processor (iPhone 6).

Even the graphics will be strong, allowing you to clearly examine all the other players sitting at the table in your chosen online poker room. The screen resolution allows for very sharp and crystal clear images. It won't be quite like the real thing, but pretty close. Real enough that you can take your iPhone with you just about anywhere and be able to easily make out all the images and other player details.


The search for the best always starts at a large scale. There are tens or even hundreds of online poker sites available and each of them can be a top choice when looking from the outside. Of course, most of them are not that great but the only way to see which deserve our attention is to check them out.

Important factors like online security, banking options, customer care and reliability help make the selection smaller. We also look at the bonuses and the promotions, how they can reward customers and other similar offers to see which ones are really worth playing at.

As we narrow it down, we reach mobile poker, or iPhone mobile poker to be more precise for this topic. There are multiple things to consider just for this segment and soft competition is one that we pay a lot of attention to. Of course, the usability of the software must offer a perfect mobile online experience with simple controls and different customization options.

Playing poker online for real cash in 2016 is incredibly simple as long as you stick to our top poker rooms. We make sure that you get a nice bonus when joining and that you have the best time, even on the smaller screens.