All About iPad Online Poker Sites

The Apple iPad is a huge success, and millions of people now own one of the tablet devices. It is great for work and still light enough that it can be taken on the go. But is an Apple tablet the right tool for playing at online poker rooms? In fact, you might be interested in discovering whether it is even possible to play the games offered by many of your favorite online poker sites through your iPad.

As the legal situation regarding poker online has changed in the United States over the past year or two, it seems that Apple has been starting to come around on the whole issue of playing at poker sites using their equipment. Originally, it was not possible, but new advances and this liberalization of policies have turned things completely around.

By the time you finish reading this online guide to playing iPad online poker, you will understand:



Why iPad Poker Is Similar To iPhone Poker

The best way to think of an iPad is simply as an overgrown iPhone. This device has a bigger screen and faster processor, which should give it a number of advantages in terms of playing at your best real money online poker sites. It is quite similar, but with better resolution due to the larger screen.

With the introduction of mobile connectivity to the iPad some time ago, one of the biggest obstacles to actually gaining access to websites was removed. You have probably already seen other people playing mobile poker from their iPhone, so the question now remains how exactly can this be done?

There are really a couple of different ways. The first option for playing at online poker rooms through you iPad is to check out the site and see if they have an app you can download onto your iPad. If so, this might allow you to play using nothing more. If not, you can also visit the Apple store and see if there is an app listed for your particular poker room. Yes, many of the best and top rated real cash websites do have their own online poker apps listed here, but not all. The good news is that most places who take the time and effort to produce such an app will offer ones that work for multiple Apple devices, like both the iPhone and iPad.

You might also want to consider simply loading up the mobile version of the desired online poker sites in your iPad browser and playing directly from there. Yes, this would be a real cash version, but there might be some limitations (see below).

How To Find An Online Poker Application For iPad in 2023

Actually, finding an app for an online poker room is one of the easiest parts of this process. The best place to begin your search is in the Apple app store. We all know the company is very picky about the type of applications you can put on your phones or iPads. Online poker sites are beginning to appear in their store, and will hopefully continue to do so past the end of 2023.

A word of warning before downloading any new 'online poker rooms' apps. Be sure you are getting the real thing. There are many similar apps that are designed simply for pretend or play money poker. Since Apple originally wanted nothing to do with the many real money online poker sites, these were placed to try and capitalize on the interest, hoping they could program a bot to play the game in such a way that it would help you to improve yours. Only use iPad apps directly associated with real online poker sites.

Playing On Your iPad Without an App

As mentioned above, there are several ways to play from your iPhone without using an actual app. Probably the easiest of these 'solutions' is to simply check and see if your online poker rooms have an actual mobile version of their site. Most of the best, top rated online poker sites do offer this. From here, you would simply load up the site in your iPad web browser and go to town.

Bear in mind that playing in this fashion from your mobile iPad would be the equivalent of using the instant play version when using your computer. This means, you are probably not going to get to enjoy all of the features offered, like being able to play at multiple tables or even see multiple tables (it might not be a great idea for those of you who love playing online poker tournaments).

Another solution to playing without using an online poker app is to connect your iPad to your computer. It is a bit of hack, but would enable you to basically use your computer through your iPad, so it could come with you on the go. How do you actually connect your iPad to your computer?

You will need to use another app that makes this connection possible. Simply download this app at its website: You may want to start by downloading the software from your favorite online poker site onto your computer. Then, begin the installation process for the iTap app: with a PC you can simply double click on it, a Mac will entail copying the .dmg file to your applications folder. Follow any instructions given. Start or open the installed program on your computer. Start it on your iPad (if you are using a Mac it is probably already running). You should now have an option or button that says 'Pair.' Click this and everything should be connected together.

What To Expect From iPad Online Poker Sites

You should generally expect a very realistic online poker playing experience when using your iPad to play in real money online poker rooms. The processor is pretty darn fast, so there should not be any slowdowns and the play should therefore be very reliable. You will be able to see the screen almost as clearly as if you were playing on your home computer. Those extra few inches the iPad gives over an actual smart phone really are huge, they make a tremendous difference in terms of the clarity. No more squinting to see the cards, iPad poker sites could be the future of tomorrow.

The touchscreen also gives it a very nice playing experience. There will be no more toggling between windows or trying to find the link/navigation button. Instead, just touch the option you want. In terms of capacity of the device, this will depend on your specific model, with certain models going all the way up 128GB. That is a pretty fair amount of space, and it is also a big reason why the processor works so well and the games play so smoothly.


Playing online poker on an iPad is certainly very comfortable as you can just sit back on the couch and enjoy some real money action at the tables. To continue with the focus on comfort, we have rated the best poker rooms in the business when it comes to playing on iPad and we now want to get a bit more into detail on how we did it.

Apple is very popular in 2016 and a large number of people with devices from the company have made it the norm for poker rooms to be compatible with the tablet as well as with the iPhone.

Our ideal iPad online poker room has soft competition, tens of banking methods that range from credit cards to web wallets, a great bonus system that has offers for new players as well as existing ones, flawless security with 128-bit encryption, a large pool of players and most importantly, a mobile app that doesn’t take anything away from the desktop version.

Each box has to be checked for the online poker sites to make it on our list and we believe that you will have a great time at any of the top rated poker rooms. You can just download the iPad mobile poker app and get started in no time.