All About Linux Online Poker Sites

While it can sometimes seem that everyone who is playing at one of the many online poker sites is using either a Windows or Mac (i.e. Apple) computer, which is not true. There are a number of people from the US playing at online poker rooms who want to use other operating systems, like Linux. Poker online players have found the Linux operating system to be a lot more free and flexible, which is why it is preferred in 2023.

Just taking a look at Ubuntu, which was the first major Linux operating system released to the general public, shows millions of downloads. This popularity has still not convinced many poker sites and poker rooms to create Linux compatible versions of their online poker software. Which means that people interested in this sort of thing will need to take extra actions in order to play at even the best websites in order to win some real money.

If you are interested in learning how to play poker using your Linux operated computer system, this guide will give you all the information you need. By time you are finished, you will understand:



Playing Linux Poker Online Through Your Browser

Even if your computer is running a Linux operating system, you can still play nearly any of the current online poker sites directly through your browser. Most of the best and top rated websites will not even require you to download an online poker client, although this could be an option if you like. For most people, this is really going to be your best choice for real money poker sites.

The nice thing about playing online poker rooms directly in your browser is the advancing technology. In the recent past, it used to be the case that online poker browser interfaces were of very poor quality. This is no longer true. The top online poker sites use flash and HTML coding that makes everything work very smoothly and reliably, and will continue to do so beyond 2023.

Your main problem when playing at poker rooms and using their in-browser software will be the features. Most online poker rooms would rather their players actually downloaded their software. So, they tend to limit the variety of online poker games offered. You might also not have access to all of the various options offered with that poker software. This might also include being limited to playing at only one of their poker rooms, or only one game at a time. You may not be able to tile (or display) multiple tables at the same time, either.

If you enjoy playing tournaments at online poker sites, then you should avoid playing through the in-browser option, since most of the real cash tournaments will not be offered to you. There are some rooms that offer an exception to this general rule, but not very many.

Downloading Online Poker Clients - Linux

Since the best choice these days is really to download the client software, knowing how to do this and getting them to work with Linux is very important. This will mean using an emulator program, since there are very, very few online poker rooms that offer clients that run normally in Linux.

Fortunately, there are number of pretty good emulators that can make the task of playing at your favorite poker rooms much easier. Vmware and Win4Lin are two of the most easily obtained versions that work well for Linux systems, poker sites much more accessible.

Serious players at real cash online poker sites should also take a look at Wine, another emulator type program or application. Technically, it is not really an emulator, but more of a compatibility program. This means it is a lot less resource intensive than others. The bottom line is that Wine will allow you to play at your favorite poker rooms that have been designed for Windows operating systems by using their clients.

t is very easy to install and use Wine for play at online poker sites. Once installed onto your Linux system, the program has its own submenu (under applications) which allows you to configure and run the client according to which version of Windows is being emulated.

Be Careful With Linux Online Poker Sites

There are also some online poker options now that actually advertise they are for Linux systems. While this is a definite step forward, since it was only recently that there were no Linux clients, you still need to be careful of such poker rooms.


Because, for the most part, the ones offering Linux software clients are either very new or unknown poker sites/brands. Some of these can be a bit shady, so be sure to do thorough research before trusting such online poker sites. Remember this is more than just about finding software to work with your machine and its operating system; this is also about finding a trusted site that is actually going to hold and handle your real money.


As the information on this page has shown so far, we have found the best online poker sites where every Linux user can enjoy the game and have an amazing playing experience. We didn’t want to close the subject without talking about how the rating is done so that you can know why the top listed poker rooms are actually the best.

We don’t just want for the sites to work on Linux, we want them to create a perfect environment that starts with a lobby filled with options for poker variants, be it for real money or fun play. We also rate them based on the competition at the virtual tables and aim to offer customers leading international online poker rooms that have a smaller percentage of sharks.

Top poker rooms are compatible across all popular platforms, including Linux, Windows and even mobile operating systems like Android and iOS. And no matter on which you choose to play, a nice bonus will always be waiting for you at the best online poker sites to help you improve your real cash balance.

Furthermore, everything has to be done on a highly secure network, with 128-bit encryption being the standard nowadays.