FAQ: Poker Sites & Everything You Want to Know About Them

Anyone who is new to the world of online poker may have some questions. No problem! That is the purpose for this page. If you go down and find your question, there’ll be an accompanying answers. If your question is not here, please feel free to email us and we will answer as quickly as possible.

Q. I'm a new player...where should I start?

A. We have many information pages here at OnlinePokerSites.com. You could start with the Most Popular / Top Rated page to learn about how to judge which sites are the best, or look at some of the reviews we offer. The beginner page is also a great place to start, as is the strategy guide.

Q. Should I think about practicing at online play money sites & tables?

A. No, this would be essentially a waste of time other than simply becoming familiar with the basic mechanics of playing online and using the actual software.

Q. Where can I play for real money?

A. There are a number of paces to play online poker for real cash. Have a look at our real money page which reviews the best and most trusted options.

Q. How much money should I be depositing to start my online poker playing?

A. There are a number of factors involved in this decision. One way to decide, is to base this upon the stakes you are looking to play, with the general rule being to have at least as much cash to play 20 buy ins at cash games and/or 40 tournament buy ins. Also, you should consider looking at the bonuses being offered at your chosen poker room—you should certainly try to maximize the amount of free cash you will receive.

Q. Where can I find the basic rules of poker and the hand rankings?

A. If you would like to see the basic poker rules and hand rankings, please take a look at our strategy guide and the individual guides to various games located on our site.

Q. I'm confused about some poker terms and words, where can I find a list of definitions?

A. We do have a page with a pretty extensive list of poker terms.

Q. What is the legal status of online poker?

A. This will ultimately depend upon your country of residence. Almost every country and jurisdiction has different rules, laws, and guidelines. You can start by taking a look at our Legal page.

Q. What skills are important for becoming a strong Texas Hold’em player?

A. Playing any type of poker game will require study and a lot of practice. With Texas Hold’em there are a number of important factors, like table and hand selection, learning how to read and assess opponents, knowing how (and when) to run a bluff, calculating your odds, and probably many more things. Be sure to check out our Hold’em game guide for much more specific information.

Q. How does or should tournament play and strategy differ from cash game play and strategy?

A. For starters, the goals are entirely different. In cash games, your goal is to simply win money, which can and should be done by playing solid and conservative poker. Tournament play, on the other hand, has the main goal of preserving your chips and then selectively targeting and eliminating opponents on the basis of their chip stack sizes.

Q. What is the World Series of Poker?

A. This is an annual event, or really a series of events held over a period of several weeks, attended by almost all of the major professional poker players in the world. The winner of the main event, a $10,000 buy in no limit Texas Hold’em tournament, is generally considered to be the best player in the world. It has been held every year since 1970, although the format has changed considerably over the years. Find out more in our guide to the WSOP.

Q. What are some advantages of online poker over playing live, in-person poker?

A. The main advantage to online poker will be that of convenience. You don't have to drive anywhere and you can play in whatever dress code you like. Internet poker is also much more likely to attract newcomers and unskilled players which should help more experienced players to win more money.

Q. How can I find out what games are offered and how many players are involved at each poker site?

A. To start off with, we have online reviews of the various poker sites. This should give you a good general feel and guide to the number of players currently using each site. Plus, we go into detail about the various games they offer. You can also find out more detailed information by actually signing up with some various poker sites and then looking around their online lobby.

Q. Why are some poker sites blacklisted?

A. There are a number of reasons why a poker site might be blacklisted, including things like paying their players very slowly (or not all, or only paying part of what they are owed), having very poor software, questionable management practices, and more. Feel free to check our page on Blacklisted Sites for more details.

Q. What should I think about poker tracking software? Is it worth my time?

A. We have covered this topic on our Poker Tracking Software Review page. There is certainly a lot of important information to know about this topic so that you can make an informed decision.

Q. What is the best way to learn different poker games?

A. Might we suggest that you take a look at some of our poker games guides? We cover not only the common games like Hold’em and Omaha, but even lesser known poker games like Razz, HORSE, Open Face, and Chinese Poker. They are the perfect resources for someone looking to add another game or skilled specialization to their repertoire.

Q. What makes a poker site easy or worthwhile to play? Should I only be looking to play at sites that have a weak competition level?

A. This is covered in our Easiest Poker Sites page. You will discover exactly what makes a poker site easy, and how this can help you to make more money.

Q. Is it important for me to know the law regarding online poker and how to find legal online poker rooms?

A. Yes, especially since different countries and jurisdictions have different laws and ways of regulating online poker. This is a complicated and confusing area because sometimes poker sites are regulated in one area and cater to players living in other countries. The laws and rules can vary dramatically. Check out our Legal page for some helpful information.

Q. Should I only consider playing at new poker sites?

A. There are many factors involved when choosing which poker sites to play. New rooms can be very good, but there are a number of factors to consider. Take a look at our New Poker Sites page for more details.

Q. Is it easy to play at a no download poker site?

A. Yes, it is very easy. In fact, you would simply visit the internet website of the poker room in question, log in and start playing. You would only need to decide if you preferred this instant play version to using their available software, or even playing on your smart phone or other mobile device.

Q. Can I play online poker on my mobile phone?

A. Yes, although it does depend on the specific site and your country of residence. Most of the best online poker websites do have mobile apps that will work for most smart phones and other mobile devices. However, a lot of sites will also have country and location restrictions including players in the United States.

Q. Why should I be looking for poker sites with loose or soft play and competition?

A. The basic rule of thumb is that the looser and less skilled your opponents are, the easier it will be to win money, which is the name of the game in online poker rooms.

Q. When should I consider playing at low deposit poker rooms?

A. The main benefit of playing poker at low deposit rooms is that this can be an easy way to get started and also to help build your bankroll, without a lot of risk. It is also a way to get used to the mechanics of actually playing poker online.

Q. Should I look for only sites that offer fast withdrawals and payouts?

A. In our opinion, yes. Getting your money in and then getting it back out of poker sites are two of the most important things to consider when choosing your sites. You can also be very sure those sites offering you fast withdrawals will be more committed to strong customer service and support.

Q. Should I look for a site that offers lots of payment or deposit methods?

A. In general, more options for depositing money is better than less options. However, also think about which of those options will be available to you (there can be country and location restrictions), and which will be the most convenient.

Do let us know if our online poker site FAQs have missed a question you would like answered and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.