Using UKash Online Poker Sites

By now you will have probably heard of UKash, online poker rooms are gradually becoming more accepting of it as a method of deposit making it a much more popular and widely known about service. You can use such a service for making payments at a wide variety of websites, not just the best online poker sites. There is a lot more to know than simply it is possible to use Ukash as a deposit and payout method.

You will find that since Ukash is a UK company, they have really not expanded much into the United States at this point. This is also going to limit the utility of such a service for American players. However, UK and European players and online poker sites, will offer this option with more and more frequency in 2024 and beyond.

What else do you need to know in order to use this method effectively for your online poker rooms? By the time you finish reading this online guide, you will understand:



How Ukash Deposits & Payments Work

You can think of Ukash as a cross between a prepaid credit card and a wire service (like Western Union). It is a way that you can take real cash and turn it into digital currency, which can then be used to make a deposit at those online poker sites. Once this is done, you could realistically make purchases or deposits at many online websites.

The way this works is that you would go to either a retail outlet or to the Ukash website. You then take either your physical cash or a credit card (debit cards work for this as well) and purchase a voucher. These vouchers are really like a physical prepaid credit card, loaded for the amount of your purchase. What happens is that each card or voucher has a 19-digit code.

When you visit your desired online poker sites or poker rooms, simply enter that 19-digit code and then your payment should be instantly recognized. The transaction is guaranteed by the Ukash system and you should have you payment populate into your poker online playing account almost immediately. It is also amazingly convenient for those who like using cash to make their payments, rather than dealing with linked bank accounts, credit cards, or other financial tools.

Ukash is also quite versatile. Heck, you could even take your cash and buy a voucher or prepaid card, then make your online poker site deposit into one of the popular e-wallet programs. This would make everything even that much safer since you are really two-stepping it away from the real source.

Initial Deposits with UKash – Online Poker Sites

Before making your initial deposit at online poker rooms, bear in mind that Ukash is probably not going to be available to American players. This is a UK-based company and then have not yet actually expanded into the United States. In order to offer this service, they are going to have to make the proper arrangements and contracts with US banks and other financial institutions, which is going to take time.

On the other hand, this is a payment system that has been around Europe for a while. So, international players should think about Ukash as being a realistic option when depositing at real money online poker sites. Start out by completing your registration at the chosen poker online sites. Incidentally, it is also strongly recommended that you download the actual poker client software, rather than playing instantly in the browser or with your mobile phone or tablet device. Why? Because the software is going to open up all of the cool features offered by online poker sites.

Once you have registered, the online poker site software will prompt you to make your initial deposit. This is where you would choose which method you want for making this initial payment, i.e. Ukash. Poker online sites should then have instructions pop-up to direct you through the deposit process. You will obtain your Ukash vouchers and then enter in your 19-digit codes in order to have your payment validated. This is really all there is to it.

UKash - Poker Sites Bonuses

How would you like to take the cash you just used to make your initial poker site deposit and double or even triple it? This is not only possible, but very probable thanks to real moneydeposit bonuses. These are offered not only at the best and top rated poker websites, but just about any that is aggressively looking to acquire new players.

These online poker sites know that in order to attract new business they need to advertise and promote their offerings. Of course, there are a lot of ways for online poker rooms to do this, but they have found offering real cash to new players is one of the best and most cost effective. You might be given a 100% bonus, up to $1,000. This simply means that your initial deposit will be doubled, up to a maximum of $1,000. Before choosing your bonus, make sure you understand how much real money you need to deposit in the chosen poker rooms to maximize the award. In the above example, $500 will max out the bonus.

Most online poker sites are only going to extend a bonus for your first deposit. This is another reason to really try and maximize it, since you aren't going to get any more free cash. Having said that, you might find a few poker rooms that will give a bonus on your second and even third deposits. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions; chances are pretty high there will be conditions and restrictions.

Special Considerations For Ukash Online Poker Site Payments

You might need to think about currency conversion when using Ukash for your online poker site payments. Since this option will be available primarily to UK and European poker site players, you will buy your vouchers in either pounds or Euros. When using poker rooms that have US dollars as their base currency, your initial deposit will undergo conversion, based on whatever method or index the poker room chooses to use.

Although this probably is not a terribly big deal, know that it can mean slightly less (or more) real cash than you might have initially expected. Your real money will also likely be converted back to your home currency when taking your payout.

Another special consideration when using Ukash to make deposits into online poker sites is how exactly (and how fast) your bonus clears. Almost every online poker site will want to be sure they have a reasonable chance of making a profit by giving you that nice bonus. So, they typically insist you play a certain number of raked hands before you get to see or use any of that bonus cash. Once you have done so, and accumulated a certain amount of player points, that bonus will start to drop into your player account, usually in $5, $10, or $15 increments.

In case you are wondering, yes, it can take some time to clear (convert into real cash) a large bonus. So, also pay attention to any other terms and conditions. The poker online site might limit you to a certain time period in order to complete this clearing process. If you take too long, the remaining bonus goes away and expires unused.


While our top online poker sites presented here are impressive, the way we rate them is even more so.

It is not enough for a poker room to accept Ukash as a payment method, although it gets a better rating based on how many popular banking methods it has, but it must also stand out in the other sections as well.

Players in 2016 are looking for online poker sites that are perfect across multiple categories. Since we started with Ukash, we should talk a bit about banking and how important it is to have your favorite payment method available. This is why there can be tens of options in the cashier at our top poker rooms and they are not just limited to one currency, often times accepting USD, EUR, GBP and others.

On the subject of making a deposit, we also rate our top sites based on what bonus they offer. This way, Ukash online poker has the guarantee of a nice start. And to keep the action going, the competition level is also taken into account in the rating system as we want you to avoid sharks and enjoy smooth sailing all the way to big wins.