Using Neteller - Online Poker Site Deposits & Withdrawals

When you are deciding which of the many online poker sites to choose, the deposit and payment options can be a key factor. One of the most popular international funding methods for online poker rooms today is Neteller. With such a long history of success behind them, this trusted company has been funding poker sites and a variety of gaming companies for as long as the industry has been around. You will find many options offered and an impressive amount of flexibility with Neteller poker online sites.

As a UK company, however, Neteller might not be familiar to all poker players. But the impressive focus on and dedication to online poker sites and gambling businesses is indeed impressive and quite rare. This could be a great option for international players to consider. However, this is not something available within the United States at the moment. There is some hope that as the laws are liberalized again after 2023, this situation will improve.

As you can see, there is a lot to know regarding Neteller and how this could really be a nice option for making deposits and withdrawals at online poker rooms. Many of the best and top rated websites do offer this option. By creating this online guide, you will understand much more about:



How Neteller Deposits & Payments Work

Neteller is an e-wallet system that allows online poker players to make deposits and collect payouts between a number of online poker rooms, almost literally at the push of a button. This is a third party company that saw a need to act as a middle man, since there were a lot of misconceptions and even some social stigma with people who wanted to gamble in casinos or to play at online poker sites.

As a UK-based company (even though they started off being established in Canada), Neteller has been around the longest of any of the current e-wallet systems. Beginning in 1999, they actually held nearly an 80% market share in the online poker and gambling markets. They even started out being active in the United States market. This all changed after the laws regarding money transfers of online poker sites and online casinos began to get crazy.

Ultimately, in 2023, you will find that Neteller works very simply and straight forward when you are looking to deposit into or collect from online poker rooms. Many of the best real cash websites offer Neteller as an option (although there can be some individual country restrictions). Basically, Neteller acts as a digital wallet. To US players familiar with PayPal, this functions in a similar fashion.

You may fund an established Neteller account (and they are free to open) with real money from a variety of credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, and other options. When you wish to send your deposit on to any of the available poker rooms, just click a button and it is done. Your poker account should be funded very quickly and securely. The same things goes for taking a payout; it all happens quickly and securely. This is a great method for providing a backup layer of protection between your online accounts and your bank account or credit cards. It makes identity theft very unlikely.

Making Your Initial Deposit To Online Poker Sites - Neteller

In order to make your initial deposit into your chosen online poker rooms via Neteller, you will need two things. First, a Neteller account and second, an account at an online poker site. There is no special requirement needed for opening a Neteller account and it is free. Just make sure to confirm your email when requested. Then, go ahead and link either a credit card (debit cards work also) and/or a bank account. This helps to facilitate the secure, rapid movement of funds between Neteller and your real cash methods.

Next, completely register at your poker room of choice. This will involve providing them some of your basic information and then choosing how you want to play. Your options include downloading the poker client software, playing on your smart phone or other device with their mobile app, or playing instantly directly through your internet browser. The most feature rich option and playing experience will be using the software.

The final step is to basically go ahead and make the payment into one of your chosen online poker sites. Choose the Neteller option and the poker site should give you specific instructions, which might involve providing you with the proper email address that has been associated with their account (never assume that). Head over to your Neteller e-wallet account and pop in the needed info, choose the amount of real money you will be sending over, and that's about it. You might have to copy your chosen poker sites on the email confirmation that Neteller will send over, or at least provide them with the confirmation number.

The only thing left now is to wait for the poker site to have your deposit populate through to your new account. You will find the amount of time taken can vary greatly among poker rooms. Most of the best and top rated real money poker websites will do this process seamlessly and within just a few minutes. With other poker sites, it can take a bit longer.

Depositing with Neteller – Online Poker Site Bonuses

Since using Neteller really does not cost the online poker sites any manpower or effort, you should expect to be rewarded when using this payment option. The way most poker rooms do this is with first deposit bonuses. Consider this as the way these poker sites say thanks for allowing them to host your money and play.

Rather than wondering how poker sites are able to afford to do this, just understand they have already figured out their best business model. Spending the lion's share of their advertising and promotions budget by giving players bonuses is actually more cost effective than going out and running ads or doing more 'traditional' types of advertising. It also helps to attract exactly the type of players they want, which is a larger portion of unskilled or those new to the world of poker online sites. This is also great news to you, as a more skilled player looking for fresh, soft competition.

Special deposit option bonuses might be offered as well. Online poker sites might be interested in encouraging players to use certain deposit options. In such a case, assuming Neteller was one they were looking to push, you might expect to receive an extra 10 to 20 percent on top of your already nice bonus. Normally, a deposit bonus can double or even triple the amount of cash you initially come to the poker room with. Just make sure to figure out how much of a deposit is needed in order to maximize the bonus.

We always recommend maximizing the bonus if this is comfortable for you financially. If the site offers a 200% bonus worth up to $1,000...and you were going to deposit $400, why not just go ahead and send in an extra $100 in order to get the poker sites' maximum bonus? Of course, if you’re going to be a far way off from hitting the max, then no sense in stretching yourself too thin.

Special Considerations for Online Poker Neteller Payments

The main special consideration to think about when choosing to use Neteller deposit bonuses will be your country of residence. While Neteller started out being easily accessible to players in the United States, the authorities cracked down on such payment transfers and third party e-wallet systems a few years ago, causing them to exit the US market.

In addition to even being able to use this deposit method, you should also carefully consider the rules surrounding actually getting, or 'clearing' your bonus. Obviously, online poker sites don't simply want to be giving away they will insist you actually give them a certain amount of playing time before releasing any of the bonus money into your real cash account. Even the best poker websites do this, releasing the bonus in $5, $10, or $15 increments, depending on the usual stakes you play for.


Having the option to make online payments with the banking method you feel most comfortable with is a great thing and online poker sites have to live up to this demand as well as they can. This is why our experts take into account the smallest details when rating the best online poker rooms.

Things like the actual deposit options, if they include popular choices such as Neteller, how long it takes to complete a payment, transaction fees and withdrawal times are all checked out when reviewing online poker sites. The goal here is to offer as much useful information to the reader as possible and this can’t be done by just glancing over the main page of the site.

And the rating criteria don’t just stop there. We also want our users to win at our recommended online poker rooms so we prefer those with soft competition, sites where it is possible to win constantly without having to learn new guides and strategies every week.

Getting back to the payment options, it is even possible to get an online poker bonus top by using certain methods. Neteller is quite popular for this at the best online poker sites and this little extra contributes to the ratings as well.