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YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE TO Australia Poker Sites

Gambling is now, and has always been a very popular activity and hobby among Australians. This has now expanded in scope to include online poker sites and poker rooms. The sheer convenience of these new and established websites make it almost too good for players of all skill levels to pass up. But exactly how does playing at an online poker room work? You might have a number of questions about the details of how to do this.

Many players are even unsure about whether or not it is legal for an average Australian to play at a poker site. Sure, we have casinos in the country, but the status of legality all over the world in regard to online gambling these days seems to be a bit fuzzy. Not to worry, by the time you are finished with this guide to Australian online poker sites, you will know:

  • Just how easy it is to find the perfect online poker room for you
  • Things that may affect an Australian’s poker online experience
  • The legal status of Australian poker sites and gambling across the country




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Ease Of Playing Poker Online - Australia:

So, just how easy is it to play at an online poker site in Australia, or at least as an Australian citizen or resident? The basic answer is that it's quite easy in 2023, as long as you are willing to follow a few basic guidelines.

When we say 'easy', different people will have different ideas about this means. For some, you might be thinking about the technical details of how to find and then play at one of these poker rooms or websites. Others might be more interested in actually learning what to look for in terms of finding an acceptable poker room. As far as the technical side of things, there is really almost no effort needed. Most of these online poker sites already have advanced software that pretty much runs itself. While you might need to download a small piece of software onto your computer or mobile, this usually downloads fast and then installs automatically without any intervention on your part. Click a few buttons and you’re all set.

Finding the easiest Australian poker sites means also discovering the top rated, best websites. In other words, focus on finding and playing at poker rooms where you can actually make money. One of the first things you want to find is poker sites that have a lot of traffic, with a steady supply of new players. Ultimately, the new players are your lifeblood since many of them will not have the same level of experience that you have. In other words, these are the fish that you are looking to fry with your superior online poker room skills.

- Please note that this does not mean you should only focus on low limit poker room games. You will find higher limit games worth a lot more real money, as long as you choose the right places with players who have a much lower skill level as you.

Guide To Getting Stated With Online Poker

Getting started at an online poker site is simple, easy, and straightforward. The first step is to identify which characteristics are most important to you in terms of your poker room. Starting with the games, you need to decide if you are looking to only play Texas Hold’em, or maybe you might like to focus on a few other games. There are a number of online poker sites that offer many different types of games. So, decide which games you are looking to play and then find sites which offer those.

A great idea is to focus on a lesser known game and become an expert in it. Obviously, everyone knows Texas Hold’em and is interested in playing that, but not too many players are going to be playing Razz or Lowball poker. Of course, you will be able to find a lot more fish at the more popular games and top websites, but this also means working your way through a number of other expert players.

Consider the features of the site itself. All online poker sites are going to make a large part of their money through what is known as the rake. This is a commission that the site takes on any winning pot. There is a fair amount of competition among the best poker websites for their rake percentage, so be sure to research this a bit. After all, there really is no need to pay twice as much commission to a poker room that offers pretty much the same thing as another Aussie poker site.

Think also about how you like to play. For example, some sites are better suited to those looking for tournaments. Others are more focused on offering real cash games. There are also those online poker sites in 2023, which are more or less evenly balanced between both tournaments and real cash games.

Do Australians Need Currency Exchange Services?

This answer may come as a bit of a surprise, but most of the online poker rooms including those domiciled in Australia, were originally developed with the American player in mind. There was good reason for this, since the Americans made up nearly three-quarters of the online poker site traffic back in the beginning.

After a while, US law started changing and it became more complicated for American players to engage in online poker activity. However, most of these poker rooms felt it was easiest to leave their businesses set up to conduct transactions in dollars. Meaning that when you make a deposit or take a payout from your favorite poker site, those Australian dollars must typically be converted into or from US dollars. It is also possible you could make (or lose) a bit of money on this exchange, depending on the exchange rate at the time of your transactions. Chances are this will only be a small amount due to the general range of currency exchange rate fluctuations.


Once all of this has been worked out, it is time to make your initial deposit and get started. Depending on your chosen websites, you might need to download poker client software onto your computer. This should be a very quick download and it will install automatically. Then, you simply need to click on the little icon left on your desktop anytime you want to get started playing your favorite online poker site games. Very simple and easy.

Australian Customer Service

You can probably find just about any type of customer service options offered on Australian online poker sites in 2023. In fact, the poker rooms themselves might even have a number of instructional videos or other training and educational material. This is a great chance to help improve your game, even if a percentage of this information will be focused on how to use their specific poker room or poker site.

Customer service at Australian online poker rooms might also include a number of help pages. For example, they will probably have some sort of frequently asked question pages. There might even be a place which has the rules and history of the various games offered at the websites.

Then you will be able to reach the customer service team directly. Every poker site will offer email as an option, and most do have a fairly quick turnaround time. Some of the top websites also offer phone services and the best will have an online method of support, generally a form of live chat.

General Australian Online Gambling Laws

Australia is generally considered a pretty liberal country in the area of their gambling laws and this includes online poker sites. Poker is actually legal throughout the country in land based casinos. Although the famous Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 did introduce some restrictions, this is really nothing to worry about for the average player since the restrictions and rules are aimed at the companies who operate online poker sites.

The purpose of the IGA of 2001 is to protect residents of Australia from the potentially harmful effects of online gambling. Essentially, operators of poker rooms are not able to advertise or provide real money gambling or such services. However, they can offer real cash services to customers in other parts of the world, and many Australians still do play at Australian online poker sites.

How Online Poker Rooms Generate Revenue

Obviously, the best poker rooms need to have several different methods of generating revenue. The first of these is called the rake. In most cases, when there is a real cash game being played, the rake is something players will need to deal with. This is a commission or cut of each pot that the house or poker room will take. It is usually a small percentage of the pot, based on a sliding scale according to the amount of money in the final pot. There might even be a cap, or maximum amount of rake the house will take on each pot, although this will be determined by the specific poker room.

Tournament games have a different method of providing revenue for the online poker site. Most tournaments will not have any kind of rake; instead, you will pay an additional amount added on to your tournament entry fee. This is why these entry fees usually show two numbers, like $100 + $5. That $5 in the above example is your fee that goes to the house. You will not have any dealer tips or other expenses deducted from the prize pool.

Side games may also represent an additional source of revenue for even the best sites. This can include traditional casino games like blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. The poker websites might decide to stick to side bets on poker hands, where the player goes up against the house for real money. Of course, these side wagers are carefully calculated and the house always has the edge.

An often overlooked revenue source for even the top poker rooms is generated by investing the deposits of players. Having said that, it should also be noted that most businesses will have to abide by very strict rules and requirements as to how much risk and what types of investments they may make with real money held as player deposits. Since the poker sites have no obligation to pay any interest to players, even a little bit of extra revenue earned in this fashion can be a significant contribution to their bottom line.

Now that you’ve read our hints and tips on online poker, why not pick out your favorite US poker online site and put them into practice.



What kind of games are available to play for real money online?

A variety of poker games are available for real money play online. Games like Texas Hold’em, five card stud, five card draw, Omaha and many others can be enjoyed online. The selection depends on the casino that you play at as top sites usually have more options.


How do I register at an online casino?

To register at an online casino simply visit the webpage for the casino, select the join or register button and follow the instructions. You’ll have to provide information such as an email address and your name, and will typically have to input a credit card number, or connect a service like PayPal to complete the initial deposit to start playing.


Is it difficult to find poker sites for Mac players?

It was once difficult to find Mac poker sites, but now most top sites work with Mac computers. By looking at a few recommended sites it should be easy to find at least one supporting Mac computers.


Do I need a special device to play at mobile poker sites?

Some mobile poker sites work with nearly every smartphone and tablet, but others are more selective. For the best options you should use an Android or iPhone or iPad. If you already own a Blackberry or Windows phone you’ll have to look a bit harder to find sites supporting your device, but there are many out there.


Is it legal to gamble at an Australian Casino online?

As an Australian citizen it’s legal for you to gamble online at most casinos. The legal restrictions in Australia are in place for casino operators more than they are for players, so it’s simple to gamble legally within the country.


How can I play at an online casino without downloading any software?

Many no download casinos exist today that allow players to gamble right from their web browser. As long as your computer has a modern web browser you should be able to play at an online casino without downloading any additional software.